Is the K-System compatible with the DYNAMIC RANGE System?

Yes, and very much so! The K-System is perfectly suited for giving modern productions more dynamics in the production and mixing phases. The K-System involves calibrating the studio monitors with calibrated pink noise to a specific loudness (SPL) level which is then marked onto the volume control. If you calibrate your control room to the K-14 standard, your corresponding K-14 loudness metering shows how much the average loudness can vary with reference to a 0 line.

The decisive concept is a specified listening level. As soon as you compress the music too much, the control room becomes too loud. Instead of lowering the loudness knob on the studio monitors, simply compress a little less. The loudness knob stays at the reference position. This idea is based on the Dolby standard as used in the film industry, which also uses a fixed monitoring level.
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