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The Board of Directors is a body of appointed persons who jointly oversee the activities of the Pleasurize Music Foundation.

The development and organization of a number of workgroups is also an important responsibility of the Board of Directors to control and increase the activity of the PMF:
These are a view of the workgroups:
-          Web communications (English)
-          PR workgroup: Newsletter & PR releases, coordination of international PR
-          Coordination of translations
-          Solution development for loudness balanced pre listening in commercial online shops
-          Solution development for establishment of Dolby Volume-like technologies
-          Solution development for loudness control in Broadcast
-          Workgroup “Sound Sculpture” (listening education at the POS)
-          Cooperation workgroup for the establishment of a practical Blu-Ray Audio format
-          Development of a Surround quality seal
-          Research group for the future use of meta data for equal listening volume
-          Establishment and operation of the Board of Research
-          Development of multilingual educational material for schools to teach kids "listening"
-          Membership development (to be split into different member and territorial categories)
-          TT DR Meter optimization and development
-          Meter implementation (in other DAWs and metering solutions)
-          Internal communication
-          Merchandise
-          Establishment of DR releases platform
-          Research center planning
-          Board and staff development
-          Annual bylaw development
-          Fundraising activities

Our Board of Directors will represent the fields of science & research, artists, audio engineering and industry.

Currently we are still in the process of formation. We are proud to present:

Friedemann Tischmeyer (Engineer/Author)
Germany / USA

Gründer und Ideengeber der PMF und des
DR Systems.

Autor der Audio Mastering und Internal Mixing
Buch- und DVD-Serie.

Ebenfalls Präsident der PMF.



Ronald Prent (Engineer/Producer)
The Netherlands / Benlux 

David Bowie
Elton John
Faith No More
Herbert Grönemeyer
Mink Deville
Paul Young
Peter Maffay
Pointer Sisters
Robert Palmer
The Police



Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg (Science & Research)

Director des Fraunhofer-Institut für Digital Mediatechnologie (IDMT) und mp3 Erfinder









Oliver Masciarotte
(Audio Industry & Audio Engineer)

30 Jahre Erfahrung in der Audio Industrie im Bereich Marketing und Kommunikation für bekannte Brands (u.a. Sonic Solutions) mit dem Hintergrund als Gold und Platin Engineer








Prof. Lucio Cadeddu

Founder, editor & director of TNT-Audio (, international HiFi magazine
Maths professor at the University of Cagliari (Italy)









Hagü Schmitz

Musician, Songwriter, Producer/ Engineer since 1984. Editor in Chief of the German magazine "Xound".  Board-member of MPAG (Music Producer Association Germany)



Zhang Jian Wen

Audio engineer, producer & musician, free-music promoter.
Founder of "Bypass" electronic music net-label.








Dipl.-Ing. Ralph Kessler

Audio & Mastering Engineer with surround expertise and R&D background (Pinguin meter, Weiss, Wizoo/Digidesign...)







Dr. Rob Toulson

Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Audio and Music
Technology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Rob is researching
loudness, dynamic range and percussion tuning and is also an active record

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